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Hamina Museum Street

Hamina Museum Street, Kadettikoulunkatu from the Town Hall to the intersection of Erottajankatu, literally exudes history. Wars and soldiers have shaped Hamina's appearance over time. The city has Finland's oldest continuously operating garrison, which has been hosted by Swedish, Russian, Finnish and, for a short time, German soldiers as well. All have left their marks in a period of time lasting more than 300 years. The fingerprints of different eras can be seen in buildings, structures, monuments and the environment.

The Museum Street is about 500 meters long, it starts at the intersection of Town Hall Square and Kadettikoulunkatu. The street is a straight, paved road that is easy to navigate even with assistive devices. All fixed signs can be found immediately along the street.

History of Hamina

Explore Hamina Museum Street

Presented along the Museum Street are 15 interesting sites. There is an informative sign for each site right by the street. With the sign's QR code, you can get more information about the object using your smart phone/device. At the beginning of the street, in the window of Book Store Kirjaspotti, there is a video board to help visitors navigate the street's sites. 

The museums of the Street lead you deeper to the history of Hamina.

Hamina Fortress

In Hamina's symmetrical fortress model, the circle was geometrically divided by squares in such a way that an octagonal polygon was created.

There are only two such star-shaped fortresses, inside which there is a town in the shape of a circle, left in Europe: Hamina and Palmanova.

Welcome in the midst of history

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